Punk is the fourth project in Sarah McCarry’s (of Glossolalia zine) Guillotine chapbook series. This one features a conversation between Mimi Thi Nguyen (Slander, Race Riot) and Golnar Nikpour (former MRR coordinator) on different parts of punk: their personal histories, the notion of punk politics, punk as it is represented in academia & archives, the people in punk who are often dismissed, and more. From the Guillotine website — “Punk is a moving target”: Punk is an unwieldy object of study–because of fictions that circulate as truth, absences in archives and the questionable subject of recovery, and the passage of “minor” details into fields of knowledge. A conversation about the politics of methodology, and historiography, of subculture. 32 pages, letterpressed covers, necessary reading for punks everywhere.

Get it for $10 + shipping over at Stranger Danger!

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