I’m hosting the Sept meeting of the CHIPRC Zine Zine Club! We’ll be talking about Deafula #7 & Motor City Kitty #23 (which means conversations about things like accessibility + community + support + friendship, hell yeah). Bring some rad zines you’ve read lately to talk up, too!

Grab a copy of the zines through Stranger Danger or Quimby’s!

Wed Sept 10 // 7pm // 858 N. Ashland // See you there

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True story from a day-in-the-life. Here’s a piece of advice. When you contact someone to do work for you, don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to decide whether your money is worth having to deal with creepy subtext in your messages to them. >:I

Comic-a-day: Day 10 of 31

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Genghis Con 2014 will be held on Sunday, November 30th at the Lake Erie Building - Registration Now Open!

For the past five annual Thanksgiving weekends Genghis Con has been a touchstone event for comics and independent print media in the North East Ohio region. From Pittsburgh to Columbus to Chicago, the region’s most prolific comics creators and zinesters have converged on Cleveland to share their stories and artwork, and help foster an environment for the open dialogue about the nature of comics, storytelling, and the small press print medium. Genghis Con 2014 is primed to be another exceptional year with a couple of major changes to the show.

Big Change #1: Genghis Con is moving! The sixth annual small press and independent comics convention will be held from 2pm-7pm on Sunday, November 30th, 2014 (Thanksgiving weekend) at The Lake Erie Building (AKA: The Screw Factory), 13000 Athens Ave, at the south end of Lakewood, Ohio. This means we’ll have a ton of extra space for even more exhibitors.

Big Change #2: We’re getting rid of the $5 charge to get in! Genghis Con will now be FREE to all who wish to attend, making it an even better way to spend your post-Thanksgiving Sunday!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Beachland Ballroom for all the support and giving us such a great home to launch Genghis Con and help it develop over the past five years. We encourage everyone to continue to support them, and enjoy all the awesome things The Beachland has to offer!

Those comics and zine makers interested in Exhibiting Genghis Con 2014, please head over to this REGISTRATION FORM.

Moving to a bigger space and making the show free for attendees means we have to make another big change, and so we will be charging a minimal fee for tables this year- $25 for 3’, $50 for 6’ of space.

We’re excited for another amazing year. Help us spread the word and don’t forget to register!

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CHICAGO, “The City Beautiful”

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Collide is a compilation zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness.


Seeking personal essays and relevant artwork for: 

Collide #3: Family

Possible topics include:

  • How your physical or mental health impacts your relationships with family- those you were born into, your spouses, partners, siblings, parents, children, or your chosen families and strongest support systems
  • Genetic inclinations- dealing with hereditary illnesses, family health issues, or concern over passing these things on
  • Family support or lack thereof in times of poor health or wellness
  • Other topics related to the topic of family (chosen or otherwise) as they relate to your illnesses


Collide is a zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness. Contributors will vary in experience and identities, but must have a history dealing with both a chronic physical illness or disability, and a mental health issue in some respect.

  • Essays may focus on one affliction over another, but should involve at least some mention of both, and may be rejected at the editor’s discretion because they do not apply to both categories, or for any perceived sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or classism.
  • Essays should fall generally between 750-2,000 words. I may edit your submission for the purposes of grammar and clarity, but will clear any changes with you before publication.
  • I won’t be accepting any poetry submissions for this zine.
  • For those submitting relevant artwork, it will be half-sized and printed in black and white.

Deadline: November 15, 2014

Please submit your essay with a short bio to:

jennyandthelibrarians @ gmail .com

xo, jc

(ps- if you are not familiar with past issues, check out their overviews on etsy)

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FOREVER: 31 POSTCARDS IN 31 DAYS is a new zine I whipped up just in time for the DC Zine Fest! You may remember me posting hand-drawn postcards with personal stories last October as part of  31 Postcards in 31 Days (suggested to me by badass jendilemma).

This quarter-page, full-color zine compiles all the postcards I sent (full addresses removed) and you can find it at my shop!

i am so excited about this!!! back when i lived in chicago, the south side letter writing club started the 31 postcards project, and it’s kept up as an October tradition for a few years now. i love seeing what comes out of it, like this zine, and cynthia’s postcards are so cool!

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I’m kicking off a zine/comic tour from DCZF this year! If you want to witness me awkwardly read comics about adulthood, or buy my new comic, please join me in the following cities: 

8/9 Tabling at DC Zine Fest (come visit me if you’re there)!

8/10 Reading at the Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia with Robyn Campbell (Bloom Where You), Laura Chow Reeve (An Introduction to Eating Your Heart Out), and Cynthia Schemmer (Secret Bully, Habits of Being), Katie Zall (About My Body (Because You Always Ask)). 

7PM // FREE // Click here for the FB event page. 

8/11 Reading at the Witch House in Columbus, Ohio with Brianna Dearest (Motor City Kitty). Ryan Eilbeck will be reading a new essay and releasing a cassette tape related to it called Our Band Could Be Your Lid. Laura Thatcer will be showing some short films! It’s going to rule!

9PM // DONATION // BYOB // FB event deets here

8/13 Reading at the Chicago Publisher’s Resource Center (CHIPRC) in Chicago with Heather C (Dig Deep, Chicago Zine Fest organizer), Lb (Truckface), Rachel Foss, and Gina Wynbrandt

7PM // $5 // BYOB // Here's the FB event page. 

8/14 Reading in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you live in the area, email me for details at

8/20 Reading at the Trumbellplex in Detroit, Michigan before the All Dogs/Adult Film/ Bonny Doon show. 

7PM // $6-10 DONATION // FB event here

See you there? 

sara is so rad, go say hi to her on tour!

echoing the ‘sara is rad’ sentiment! i’ll be reading with her at her chicago stop & i am a tiny bit nervous since i haven’t done a reading in two years but we’re gonna be talking all night about adulthood & it’s going to be rad & you should come hang if you’re around!

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"When did you last die? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What became of your childhood dreams? What sets you apart from everyone else? What is missing from your life? Do you think that everyone can be an artist? Where do you come from? Do you find your lot an enviable one? What have you given up? What do you do with your money? What household task gives you the most trouble? What are your favourite pleasures? What would you like to receive for your birthday? Cite three living artists whom you detest. What do you stick up for? What are you capable of refusing? What is the most fragile part of your body? What has love made you capable of doing? What do other people reproach you for? What does art do for you? Write your epitaph. In what form would you like to return?"

- Sophie Calle  (via amyjunesmells)

(via amyjunesmells)

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